New Accreditations of the SSC

It is with great pleasure that the Board of the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) awarded the P.Stat. or A.Stat. designation to the following individuals.

Two levels of accreditation, the Professional Statistician (P.Stat.) and the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.), are offered by the SSC. The qualification of A.Stat. is intended to indicate that the holder has completed a course of study equivalent to a major or honours degree in statistics, or in exceptional instances, has otherwise demonstrated an advanced understanding of statistical theory and its application. The qualification of P.Stat. is intended to indicate that the holder has the necessary academic qualifications and a minimum of six years of professional experience in the application of statistics. See also: How to apply.

P. Stat. #181

Erik Youngson


Erik currently works as a Biostatistician with the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Data Platform at Alberta Health Services / University of Alberta.  Primary responsibility is working with investigators to answer medical research questions utilizing provincial administrative health databases.  Previous positions include Methodologist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and Senior Analyst at Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).

2006, MMath, Biostatistics University of Waterloo
2005,  BSc (Honours), Statistics & Mathematics, University of Winnipeg, 

Current Position:
Biostatistician, Health Research Methods and Analytics / SPOR Data Platform, 
Alberta Health Services / University of Alberta

P.Stat. #182

Fritz Pierre

Fritz currently works as Assistant Director, Analyses and Data Quality at Elections Canada. His primary responsibility is planning and coordinating the design, development and implementation of statistical research and survey methods for studies conducted or commissioned by Elections Canada. He started his career at Statistics Canada, where he worked for more than eight years as a Methodologist statistician. He contributed to the implementation of several surveys, including the Canadian Community Health Survey. Fritz has collaborated with several researchers as a complex survey data analysis consultant. His main area of interest lies in estimating variance in complex survey data models. He holds an MSc in Statistics from the University of Montreal.       

2001, MSc Statistics, University of Montreal, 
1997, BSc, Mathematics (Actuarial Science), University of Montreal

Current Position:
Assistant Director – Assistant Chief Methodologist, Elections Canada

A.Stat. #125

Janice Tang

Janice is the Digital Analyst of the planning department at an advertising agency. She has an extensive background in analytics with Majors in Statistics and Analytical Chemistry. During undergrad, she collaborated with researchers at the University of Toronto to experimentally design and manage research projects in a variety of disciplines, including Public Health, Environment and Evolution, and Ecology. Her interest lays in finding new approaches in statistical modeling, big data and machine learning. Currently, she uses her background in research for business analysis, developing research methodologies in the digital space and providing data driven insights for strategic planning.

2014, B.Sc., Statistics and Chemistry, University of Toronto

Current Position:
Digital Analyst

A.Stat. #126

Kathryn Morrison

Kathryn’s training is in biostatistics, epidemiology, and geography. She finished her PhD in February 2017. She currently splits her time between three major roles: as a private statistical consultant, as a post-doctoral researcher at McGill University with Dr. Robert Platt, and as a research analyst at the University of Montreal with Dr. Kate Zinszer. Methodologically, Kathryn is interested in spatio-temporal statistics, Bayesian computation, and modern approaches to data visualization. Substantively, she has worked in environmental health, infectious disease, and pharmaco-epidemiology. She loves the range of applications that being a methodologist has allowed her to dabble in.  She is an avid R programmer and believes strongly in the principles of transparency and reproducibility in research and analysis.

2017, PhD,  Epidemiology, McGill University 
2011, MSc, 2011, Geography, University of Victoria
2009,BSc, Geography (major), statistics (minor) , University of Victoria

Current Position:
Post-doctoral researcher, McGill University

A.Stat. #127

Ruochen Chen

Ruochen is a recent graduate from the specialist program in Applied Statistics with extensive research and data analysis experience, and also with a strong background in modelling techniques, programming, and algorithms.  He also has superb communication skills with the ability to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience.

2017, BSc (Honors) , Specialist - Applied Statistics with Focus in Social Psychology, University of Toronto,

Monday, November 20, 2017

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