Past Conferences and Activities

Past Conferences and Activities

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The names and institutions of past keynote and career speakers, as well as titles of planned
skills sessions are listed below.

2016 SSC Student Conference, Brock University, photos
Keynote Speaker : Robert Tibshirani (Stanford University)
Career Speakers : Eric Cai (Bank of Montreal, The Chemical Statistician [blog]), Jack Gambino
(Statistics Canada), Amanda Lafontaine (Fidelity Investments Canada)
Skills Sessions : i) Statisticians Working in Different Fields: Challenges and Rewards

2015 SSC Student Conference, Dalhousie University, photos
Keynote Speaker : Don McLeish (University of Waterloo)
Career Speakers : Talia Beech (Defence Research and Development Canada), Patrick Brown
(University of Toronto), Matthew Richard (DGI Clinical Inc.)
Skills Sessions : i) Resume and Interview Skills Workshop
ii) Senior Student and Recent Graduate Q&A Panel

2014 SSC Student Conference, University of Toronto, photos
Keynote Speaker : Jack Kalbfleisch (University of Michigan)
Career Speakers : Joseph Beyene (McMaster University), Amanda Halladay (Statistics
Canada), Albert Kim (Reed College), Irene Zhang (Everest Clinical Research Services Inc.)
Skills Sessions : i) Presentation Skills Workshop
ii) Statistical Consulting Panel

2013 SSC Student Conference, University of Alberta, photos 
Keynote Speaker : Jeffrey Rosenthal (University of Toronto)
Career Speakers : Kathryn Mills (Canada Border Services), Matthias Schonlau (University of
Waterloo), Ori Stitelman (Media6Degrees)
Skills Sessions : i) 4 Pillars of Effective CVs and Resumes
ii) How to Survive Graduate School Panel