Welcome to our new SSC website!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
SSC Board of Directors

A membership survey, conducted by the Strategic Planning Committee in the spring of 2014, offered members the opportunity to guide future directions of the SSC.  A major recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Llwellyn Armstrong, was to construct a new website. I am proud to announce that this project, that has proven to be much more challenging than anyone had expected, is now nearing completion. 

I think you will agree that it is visually appealing and easy to navigate. But it will also bring greatly enhanced features. In the next few months, the Electronic Services Development Committee and Kasuwade Solutions will be developing customer relationship management (CRM) tools that will provide members with access to their member accounts, enhanced registration forms for annual meetings, secure access to committee minutes, fundraising and donation features, and much more. These tools will not only improve our members’ experience with the web site but will also make the site more secure and reduce the need for staff.

The initial look and feel of the new website was ably guided by the ad hoc Website Redevelopment Committee, chaired by Peter Macdonald, and by the Electronic Services Manager, Russ Steele.   More recently, the implementation has been superbly managed by the ad hoc Electronic Services Development Committee, chaired by Jason Loeppky.  The Society owes a great vote of thanks to these individuals! 

Take a tour of the site and enjoy! 


Brian Allen
SSC President