150 years or more of Data Analysis in Canada

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Series of general interest lectures by David Bellhouse (University of Western Ontario) will be held on September 11 (University of Ottawa), September 12 (Dalhousie University), September 14 (University of Toronto), October 19 (The University of British Columbia), and November 24 (McGill University). Please see this PDF file for more information. 

For details please contact the local organizers:
Radu Craiu (craiu@utstat.toronto.edu); Nancy Heckman (nancy@stat.ubc.ca); Rafal Kulik (rkulik@uottawa.ca); Bruce Smith (Bruce.Smith@Dal.Ca); David Stephens (david.stephens@mcgill.ca)

The September 14 lecture will be streamed live and available as an archived video.  See the FieldsLive webpage and video archive at