Information For Presenters and Session Chairs

SSC 2024
Memorial University

Information for Presenters 

Oral Presentations 

  • Identify the room location of your session early in the meeting and arrive at the room at least 15 minutes before the session starts. 
  • Bring the PDF file of your presentation slides on a USB memory stick. Upload your presentation file to the computer in the room and make sure that everything works in advance of the session. Alternatively, presenters can download their file using their email, which avoids the virus scan of the USB drive.
  • Contributed session speakers are generally allotted 15 minutes. It is recommended that the speaker plan for a 12 or 13-minute presentation to allow for questions. 
  • Invited session speakers generally have 30 minutes including questions, though some variations exist. Check the program ahead of time, and verify with your session organizer and session chair if uncertain. 

Suggestions for Session Chairs 

  • Arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes early to check that all presentation files can be displayed by the audio-visual equipment present in the room. 
  • A student volunteer will be in your room to assist with loading talks and any audio - visual difficulties. If audio-visual difficulties occur during the session, the volunteer can assist and can contact Memorial University Comm Media for additional help.
  • Make sure that all presentation files are uploaded to the room computer before the session starts. 
  • Identify all of your speakers before the session starts. Ask speakers how to pronounce their names in advance if uncertain. 
  • Respect the allotted time for each speaker. Be brief with introductions. Use the show cards provided in each room to alert speakers when there are 5, 2, and 1 minute(s) remaining. Stop the speaker if he/she goes beyond the allotted time. 
  • Allow time for one or two quick questions only if the allotted time is not all used up. Otherwise, remind the participants that they will be able to interact with the speakers after the session. 
  • Follow the order of the talks in the published schedule. If a speaker is absent, do not change the schedule. Stick with the published time period allotted to each speaker, as some people might want to attend only a portion of the session or a particular talk at the published time. In the event of a speaker absence, use the extra time for questions directed to previous speakers if possible. 
  • Thank all the speakers at the end of the session.