2022 Annual Meeting online

Virtual - Virtuel
Monday, May 30, 2022 to Friday, June 3, 2022
SSC 2022

Image courtesy of the Virtual Organizing Committee.

Registration end date: Wednesday May 25, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT

Scientific Program Committee:

Pengfei Li (Chair)

Virtual Organizing Committee:

Richard Lockhart (Co-Chair), Shirley Mills (Co-Chair), Asokan M Variyath, Pengfei Li, Angelo Canty, Wendy Lou, Michelle Benoit, Marie-Pierre Nantel


SSC Presidential Invited Address: Anthony Davison

Talk: How long could a human live?

SSC 2021 Gold Medal Address: Art Owen
Art Owen
Talk: Tie-Breaker Designs

2021 SSC Impact Award Address: Thérèse Stukel
Thérèse Stukel
Talk: Innovative Uses of Health Administrative Data for Health Policy Research



2022 CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics: Pengfei Li 

Talk: Density Ratio Model And Its New Applications

2022 Canadian Journal of Statistics Award: 

Li Xing (University of Saskatchewan)

Xuekui Zhang (University of Victoria)

Igor Burstyn (Drexel University)

Paul Gustafson (University of British Columbia)

Talk: The Logistic Box-Cox Regression Helps Investigate the Exposure-Disease Relationship in Epidemiological Studies


2022 Pierre Robillard Award: Janie Coulombe

Talk: Causal Inference on the Marginal Effect of an Exposure: Addressing Biases Due To Covariate-driven Monitoring Times And Confounders