Travel Advisement

With the resent rise of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). The SSC is following up on the advise provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ontario Public Health as well as the Ottawa Public Health.

At this point, The Public Health Agency of Canada assess' the risk associated with the Covid-19 as low for Canada. 

The SSC will be following the assesment with Carleton University for mitigating future risk to the comunity. 

To reduce the spread of germs, please follow Ottawa Public Health.
If you are feeling ill, it is advised that you stay home.

All Members Participating at the SSC Annual Meeting 2020 Who Plan on Travelling Should:

  • Follow the Public Health Agency of Canada's recommendations for travel and continue to monitor the Government of Canada's Advice and Advisories for the most up-to-date information prior to departures.
  • Register with a Travel Insurance.
  • If travelling from outside of Canada, please follow Ottawa Public Health.
  • If travelling from an affected area, please avoid crowded spaces such as the SSC Annual Meeting and continue to monitor your health. 
    Immediately contact Ottawa Public Health if you are experience any symptoms.

We will continue to post updates here.
For any questions or concerns please email us at