Case Studies in Data Analysis Poster Competition 2016

There will be a poster competition for Case Studies in Data Analysis during the Annual Meeting in St. Catharines. One award will be presented for the best poster in each of the two case studies. The value of the award for each case study in the 2016 competition is $500 with the expectation that this award is shared equally among the members of each winning team. The Committee of the Award for Case Studies in Data Analysis will consider the quality of both the analysis of the data and the presentation of the results in reaching its decision. The Committee of the Award for Case Studies in Data Analysis reserves the right to decline to make an award for a given study if numbers of entries are insufficient.

The case studies are intended for teams of graduate and/or senior undergraduate students working either with or without faculty mentors. Each participating team will choose to analyse one of the two data sets described below and the teams will present summaries of the methods they used and the results of their analyses in a juried poster presentation session at the Annual Meeting. The date and time of the judging will be communicated to all teams in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Registration for the Case Studies Competition

Interested teams should send an email to Lisa Lix indicating the names and email addresses of all team members, and the selected case study. The deadline for registration for the Case Studies Competition is Monday April 18, 2016.

Note that at least one member of each team needs to register for and attend the SSC Annual Meeting. Note also that the final date for discount registration fees is April 15, 2016.