Statistics Education Workshop 2019

Title: Developing a Teaching Portfolio
Facilitators: Natasha Kenny, University of Calgary;; Bruce Dunham, University of British Columbia;; Jim Stallard, University of Calgary;

Dr. Kenny holds a PhD in Land Resource Science and is the Director of the Educational Development Unit at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Natasha collaborates with faculty, staff, and colleagues across the university to plan programs and initiatives that strengthen teaching and learning practices, cultures and communities. Her research interests relate to educational leadership, the scholarship and practice of educational development, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She also maintains disciplinary research interests in bioclimatic urban design and thermal comfort.

Dr. Dunham is a Professor of Teaching in the Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia. Prior to arriving at UBC in 2005 he held positions at the universities of Nottingham and Derby in England. Dr. Dunham studied at the University of London for a PhD in probability theory. After several years pursuing a traditional research-oriented academic career, he decided his interests resided in education and pedagogy. He has taught over thirty different courses in the areas of mathematics and statistics and has developed a great enthusiasm for the adoption of active learning and evidence-based teaching methods. 

Dr. Stallard is currently the Co-Director of the Data Science program at the University of Calgary, transitioning from a seven-year term as the Associate Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He was promoted to the rank of Teaching Professor in 2016, the first of the kind in his department. He has served in the capacity of an external referee in tenure and promotion applications at both the local and national levels.

Workshop Description: It is increasingly common for both new and experienced academics to maintain a teaching portfolio that reflects their development and effectiveness as a teacher. Teaching portfolios (also referred to as teaching dossiers) play an important role in applications for tenure and promotion, teaching awards, and academic hiring processes. This interactive workshop will provide discipline-specific support to help participants develop a strong teaching portfolio that provides evidence of the scope, impact and quality of their teaching practice. The workshop will help participants working on developing or revising a teaching portfolio. We will explore: a) scholarship related to developing teaching expertise, b) how to formulate a strong teaching philosophy, and c) how to communicate and provide evidence of the quality and impact of your teaching. The facilitators have valuable experience to share and will provide hands-on support and practical examples during the workshop. We encourage participants to bring along their own teaching dossiers and philosophy statements. We will also have resources available to those at the beginning phases of the process.