Science Education Specialist – Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics and the Master of Data Science program seek a Science Education Specialist (SES). The incumbent will be the staff lead in the department for the planning, execution, and continual evaluation of educational and learning technology (ELT) deployment in courses. The incumbent will be involved in multiple aspects of creating, modifying, and deploying a range of ELT platforms in statistics and data science courses. A key role will be in supporting the instructional teams who deliver these courses. The incumbent will advise faculty on best teaching and learning practices concerning ELT, and work with them on course and curriculum revisions, pedagogical improvement projects, and assessment of teaching and learning effectiveness.


All applications must be submitted online to UBC Staff Careers Page.


The Department of Statistics is a fast growing department in the Faculty of Science. The Department provides undergraduate and graduate teaching and training in statistical sciences, not only to students majoring in Statistics but also to students from many other disciplines on campus. In addition to regular credit education programs, the Department, in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science, offers the professional Master of Data Science program (MDS). The Department’s research groups, Applied Statistics and Data Science (ASDa) and Short Term Consulting Services (STCS), provides research support and statistical consulting services to communities within and outside of UBC.


The position reports directly to the Department Head and Academic Co-Directors of the Master of Data Science Program. Works closely with faculty members, other members of instructional teams and the IT team. Will supervise student assistants. Liaises with the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight), the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), and other relevant units at UBC.


Advise and make strategic recommendations to instructors and/or the department on appropriate tools to meet given learning objectives and instructor workload constraints. Keep appraised of the educational technology landscape.


Create new workflows and course materials using existing ELT platforms.


Research, Identify, modify, troubleshoot, and document course materials that use existing ELT platforms.


Provide comprehensive guidance to instructors using ELT platforms (including advice prior to the start of term, start-of-term set-up tasks, time-sensitive troubleshooting).


Deploy ELT platforms in specific classes. Connect various ELT platforms together using their APIs.


Advise and liaise with IT staff, to ensure robustly reliable deployment of platforms.


Liaise with members of Skylight and CTLT to coordinate relevant educational technology support and administrative assistance. Participate in centrally-organized work and activities, including collaborating on FoS-wide projects.


Prepare and present departmental reports on pedagogical projects and/or initiatives involving ELT


Coordinate departmental activities towards the achievement of the departmental vision around technology use in teaching and learning.


Develop and deliver professional development workshops (including training on new learning technologies) for faculty and student assistants. Provides expertise and support in the planning, designing and implementing of evidence-based teaching.


Serve on committees related to departmental teaching and learning activities.


Optionally, create new ELT tools ab initio.


The incumbent is expected to take responsibility for the smooth integration of educational and learning technologies into the department’s teaching programs. Poor performance or decision-making may cause challenges for course instructors and reduce the quality of the teaching programs delivered.


Reports directly to the Department Head and Academic Co-Directors of the Master of Data Science Program. The incumbent will work under general guidelines. Work is reviewed for overall effectiveness and achievement in advancing the department’s educational goals.


The position provides guidance and advice to faculty members and other members of the instructional teams on pedagogical skills, teaching practices and curriculum. Will supervise student assistants (e.g., likely graduate academic assistants) on specific ELT projects.

Minimum Qualifications

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of four years of related experience, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s degree in statistics, data science, computer science, mathematics, or a related quantitative discipline.


Strong background in statistics and/or data science preferred.


Experience and interest in teaching (e.g., teaching assistant experience).


Excellent written and oral communications skills including presentation skills.


Excellent assessment and evaluation skills.


Ability to work both independently and within teams of various sizes.


Ability to supervise project members (e.g., graduate academic assistants)


Ability to develop software in Python and to work on the Linux command line.


Ability to maintain version-controlled source code repositories via Github, and to make pull requests to improve external open-source software.


Familiarity with some of the following, and motivation to learn the others: Canvas, Docker, JuypterHub, Juypter Notebooks, Git, GitHub, RStudio.