Posting a job advertisement

The Statistical Society of Canada offers three ways for you to publicize job advertisements:

  1. posting on;
  2. posting on + advertisement in Liaison;
  3. circulation on the d-ssc discussion list (no charge)


Rates ($ CAD)

Posting on the website         Posting on the website + in Liaison

Institutional members

$ 225 (25% discount applied) $ 300 (25% discount applied)


$ 300     $ 400

Instructions for each to follow.

1. Posting on


To post your job advertisement on the Employment web page, fill out the online request form.


If you do not specify when the ad is to be removed, it will remain on for one month from the date of posting.


2. Advertisement on the website + e-newsletter SSC Liaison


If the timing is right, we encourage you to promote your job ad in SSC Liaison in addition to posting it on our website. 


To submit the job ad, fill out the online request form.


The SSC Liaison newsletter is published during the first week of February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Submissions before the 15th of the prior month, will be published in the next  Liaison issue; i.e. submissions between January 16 and March 15 will be published in the April issue, submissions March 16-May 15 will be published in the June issue, etc.


In Liaison, advertisements show up like news items within the issue.  Advertisements are listed in the online Liaison which is also sent out by email to our members.


Advertised items show an image, a headline, and a sentence or two.  All stories link to a hosted webpage with full information.  Job ad Liaison news items are also accessible by visiting the SSC job page.


3. Circulation on the d-ssc Discussion List


You are welcome to post your job advertisement on the d-ssc distribution list. This list goes to about 400 members of the Statistical Society of Canada, giving good coverage of universities and other institutions. There is no charge for this service.


Please observe the following instructions:

  • If you are not a subscriber to the d-ssc list, you MUST contact the list moderator at to obtain permission to post, BEFORE SENDING your item.