Posting a job advertisement

The Statistical Society of Canada offers three ways for you to publicise job advertisements:

  1. circulation on the d-ssc discussion list (no charge);
  2. posting on ($200 unless a print advertisement in Liaison is also purchased, in which case the charge is $50 in addition to the cost of the print advertisement);
  3. a print advertisement in the bulletin SSC Liaison.


Instructions for each to follow.


1. Circulation on the d-ssc Discussion List


You are welcome to post your job advertisement on the d-ssc distribution list. This list goes to about 300 members of the Statistical Society of Canada, giving good coverage of universities and other institutions. There is no charge for this service. Please observe the following instructions:

  • If you are not a subscriber to the d-ssc list, you MUST contact the list moderator at to obtain permission to post, BEFORE SENDING your item.
  • Please post the item yourself, so that your name will be in the "From" field and people can reply to you. You post it by addressing it to
  • Please use a brief but informative subject line like "Tenure track biostatistician - Winnipeg", rather than something less helpful like "Position announcement" or "For your urgent attention".
  • Please put the advertisement in the text of your message, not in an attachment. Many SSC members are unable to open attachments, some won't take the time to extract them, others will delete any message with an attachment without looking at it, for fear of viruses.
  • Be careful with accents and special characters, as some fonts do not work correctly on all platforms.
  • There may be one or two bad addresses on the list at any time, and good addresses that can't be reached on the first try will generate warnings. Expect a few error messages after you send, please don't re-send the item if you get errors. 


2. Posting on


To post your job advertisement in the "Job Ads" page on, send the advertisement to requesting web posting. Please include complete contact information for invoicing purposes. The charge is $200 unless a print advertisement in Liaison is also purchased, in which case the charge is $50 in addition to the cost of the print advertisement

You may submit your advertisement as text, formatted text, html or MS Word.

If you do not specify when the ad is to be removed, it will remain on for six months from the date of posting.


3. Print advertisement in the bulletin SSC Liaison


If the timing is right, we encourage you to take a paid advertisement in SSC Liaison. Rates will depend on the size and placement of the advertisement. See the Liaison webpage for rates and publication dates.