A brief summary of Accreditation

      Applications for P.Stat. or A.Stat. can be submitted at any time.

It is with great pleasure that the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) announces the formal establishment of the program of SSC Accreditation for professional statisticians who practice in Canada. The Board of Directors of the Society approved the SSC Accreditation procedures on March 20, 2004. A summary of Accreditation is available in a short brochure which can be used to advertise the existence of accreditation to prospective applicants and employers.

Levels of Accreditation

The Statistical Society of Canada offers two levels of accreditation, the Professional Statistician (P.Stat.) and the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.). The qualification of A.Stat. is intended to indicate that the holder has completed a course of study equivalent to a major or honours degree in statistics, or in exceptional instances, has otherwise demonstrated an advanced understanding of statistical theory and its application. The qualification of P.Stat. is intended to indicate that the holder has the necessary academic qualifications and a minimum of six years of professional experience in the application of statistics.

Recognizing accredited individuals

A certificate of accreditation level and licensee number are issued to recipients of accredited status. The certificate indicates that the holder adheres to ethical practice, as defined by the SSC Code of Ethical Statistical Practice. The accredited statistician may affix the received designation to his/her list of professional qualifications.

The SSC Accreditation Process

The link, Accreditation of Statisticians by the Statistical Society of Canada, defines the SSC Accreditation process.

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