Benefits of Accreditation

How will Accreditation help employers?

Accreditation provides an objective, independent assurance tool. An Accredited Professional Statistician will:

  • Possess statistical skills from formal training.
  • Have demonstrated skill in applying Statistics.
  • Possess sound oral and written communication skills.
  • Document records of professional development activities.
  • Follow ethical practices that meet professional standards.
  • Develop the ability to build strong working relationships with colleagues/clients.

Accreditation will translate into improved efficiency to produce statistical-based information:

  • The mentorship program will help ensure early acquisition of good statistical practices and on-the-job experience in specific areas of application for Associate Statisticians.
  • Accreditation will augment in-house statistical resources.
  • Accreditation should attract more and better skilled candidates for employment, and help maintain a skilled professional group.

How will Accreditation help statisticians?

Accreditation will:

  • Enhance the professional practice of statistics.
  • Facilitate professional development.
  • Facilitate mentorship for new graduates through work with Accredited Professional Statisticians; this will provide an invaluable resource to expedite professional development.
  • Foster communication among statisticians.
  • Promote continuing professional development.
  • Provide peer evaluation if a formal complaint is filed.