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If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you may submit an abstract to give an oral or poster presentation at the student conference. You may present original research or a statistics project that you have worked on. We highly recommend that graduate students who submit an abstract for the student conference also consider submitting an abstract to the main SSC conference (possibly on the same topic).

The length of oral presentations will be 10 minutes + 2 minutes for questions. We have a limited number of slots for oral presentations, so please indicate whether you would also consider giving a poster presentation [please note that this will not influence whether or not you will be selected to give an oral presentation].

Posters may be no larger than 4 feet high by 6 feet wide (122cm x 183cm). You are expected to stand by your poster during the one hour poster session and answer questions or explain your work.

Undergraduate students presenting a poster may register for the Undergraduate Poster Competition. There will be cash prizes for the first and second place winners!

Abstract details 

Abstract submissions must include:

  • Your name and the names of your co-authors,
  • The associated institution(s) for each co-author,
  • The title of the presentation,
  • abstract of no more than 100 words, and
  • 3 keywords (that are not included in the title) that describe your topic.

Your submission must indicate:

  • Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student,
  • Whether you would like to give a talk or present a poster,
  • If you are an undergraduate student presenting a poster, whether you would like to be considered for a presentation award, and
  • The language of the presentation (English or French),
  • If you are submitting an abstract for an oral presentation, whether you would consider presenting a poster instead.

Abstracts may be submitted in English or French. We encourage participants to provide abstracts in both languages.  Note that computer generated translations will not be accepted. 


Deadline for abstract submission: March 1st, 2014.  Submit your abstract along with an itemized list of information to  student-conference@ssc.ca.

N.B. All presenters must register for the Student Conference by April 15th.  You will be notified of your acceptance before this date.

If you are including a video submission for Statistics on Reels, please include a url linking the YouTube video. Alternatively, you may submit the video link through email at a later time, making sure to indicate that you have previously submitted the written abstract. The deadline for this competition is March 1st.




If I present at the student conference, can I present at the main SSC conference? Yes, you can!  Our conference presentations are separate from the main conference.  Therefore, you can submit abstracts to both conferences and they will be reviewed separately.  We encourage everyone to consider submitting abstracts to both conferences, because it is good experience and your audience will be very different.

Who should I include as co-authors? Co-authors include anyone who has made a substantial contribution to the project (conceptual or practical) including formulating the project and/or analysis, collecting the data, programming the analysis, editing and approving the final version, etc. Your project or thesis supervisor should always be included as a co-author and should approve your abstract before you submit. If you are uncertain about the co-authorship list, you should ask your supervisor.

If my abstract is accepted, will my presentation be considered invited or contributed?   You presentation is considered a "contributed presentation".

I would like to be considered for an SSC Student Research Presentation Award.  This competition is part of the main SSC meeting and you must present at the main meeting to be considered.  Please see  http://www.ssc.ca/en/meetings/2014/student-research-presentation-awards  to learn about how to register for this competition.



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