2004 Meeting of the SSC, Montreal

Activities Sponsored by the Survey Methods Section

Workshop on Survey Methods, May 30, 2004

An Introduction to Best Survey Practices

Speakers: Eric Rancourt, Allen Gower, John Kovar, Jack Gambino, Jean Dumais, Jean-Louis Tambay

To design, implement, analyse, and evaluate a scientificallybased survey requires many specialized skills. This workshop focuses on some of the best methods for conducting such surveys. The format of the workshop is a series of 6 lectures presented by expert survey statisticians from Statistics Canada. The following topics are featured: (i) developing a survey strategy and designing a sampling plan; (ii) designing a questionnaire; (iii) processing the data; (iv) weighting and estimation; (v) analysing the survey data; and (vi) disseminating the data accounting for confidentiality considerations. Some lectures will be given in English and others in French, but bilingual slides will be used and simultaneous translation will be available. Each participant in the course will receive a complimentary copy (valued at $100) of Survey Methods and Practices, a practical guide to survey planning and implementation that was published by Statistics Canada in 2003. Anyone interested in learning about state-of-the-art statistical aspects and considerations for producing and using survey data would find this to be a useful workshop.

Invited Sessions

Special Invited Session: Informative Sampling and Sampling Information

Organizer: Georgia Roberts, Statistics Canada

* Raymond Chambers (University of Southampton)

* David Binder (Statistics Canada)

Invited Session I: New Methodologies for Census 2006

Organizer: Dave Dolson (Statistics Canada)

* Kathy McClean & Kim Charland (Statistics Canada)
* Laurent Roy & Manon Monette (Statistics Canada)
* Danielle Laroche & Graeme Gilmour (Statistics Canada)
* Yves Saint-Pierre & Joel Yan (Statistics Canada)

Invited Session II: Empirical Likelihood Methods in Survey Sampling

Organizer: Changbao Wu (University of Waterloo)

* J.N.K. Rao (Carleton University)
* Jiahua Chen (University of Waterloo)
* Changbao Wu (University of Waterloo)

Invited Session III: Health Surveys (Jointly sponsored with the Biostatistics Section)

Organizer: Sue Bondy (University of Toronto)

* Elizabeth Potter, Kathy N. Speechley, John J. Kovar, Iris A. Gutmanis, Karen Campbell, Douglas Manuel
* Anne Rhodes (St. Michael’s Hospital)