Invited Sessions

SSC 2017 Invited Sessions

  • Using Randomization and Simulation in the Teaching of Statistics 
Chair/Organizer: Jim Stallard
Speaker: Nathan Tintle (Dordt College) 
Speaker: John Sheriff (University of Lethbridge)
  • Beyond “Correlation is not Causation”
Chair/Organizer: Georges Monette 
Speaker: Alison L. Gibbs (University of Toronto)
Is All That Coffee I’m Drinking Hurting or Harming Me? Understanding Causality
Speaker: Georges A. Monette (York University)
  • Technology in Classroom
Chair/Organizer: Anne-Sophie Charest
Speaker: Jim Stallard (University of Calgary), Scott Robison (University of Calgary)
Speaker: Jenna G. Tichon (University of Manitoba)
Speaker: Thierry Duchesne (Université Laval)