Invited Sessions

SSC 2018 Invited Sessions

  • Technology in the Classroom 
Chair/Organizer: Jim Stallard
Speaker: Scott Andrew Robison (University of Calgary)
Speaker: Sohee Kang (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Speaker:  Wanhua Su (MacEwan University)
Small Steps to Make a Big Impact
  • Teaching statistics to graduate students in the health and social sciences
Chair/Organizer: Nicholas Mitsakakis, University of Toronto

Speaker: Kevin Thorpe (University of Toronto) 
Introductory Biostatistics in Health Sciencesy
  • Canadian Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Statistics   
Chair/Organizer: Bethany White (University of Toronto)

Speaker: Alison Gibbs and Nathan Taback (University of Toronto)
Encouraging Better Attitudes: The story of an investigation of teaching and learning introductory statistics

Speaker: Michele Millar (Mount Saint Vincent University), Bruce Dunham (University of British Columbia), and Sohee Kang (University of Toronto, Scarborough)
Recent Research on Two-Stage Exams in Statistics

Speaker: Bethany White (University of Toronto)  
A Look of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Statistics in Canada since 2000

  • Special Session: Presidential Invited Address 

Chair/Organizer : Bruce Dunham (University of British Columbia)

Speaker: Nicholas Horton (Amherst College)

Big ideas to help statistics students learn to ‘think with data’