BISS activities at SSC annual meetings

SSC 2016, St. Catharines

SSC 2015, Halifax

SSC 2014, Toronto

SSC 2013, Edmonton

SSC 2012, Guelph

SSC 2011, Wolfville

SSC 2010, Quebec

  • Workshop - Copulas: Quest and Conquest
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address
    C. F. Jeff Wu (Georgia Tech), Quality Technology in the High-tech Age
  • Invited Session: Large (Industrial-scale) Computer Experiments for Business and Industry
  • Invited Session: Quality Improvement
  • Invited Session: Dependence Modelling in Risk Theory

SSC 2009, Vancouver

  • Workshop on Monte Carlo methods for integration and optimization
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address:Bill Woodall (Virginia Tech): “The State of Statistical Process Control: An Update”
  • Invited Session: Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Invited Session: Statistics/Mathematics Finance 1
  • Invited Session: Statistics/Mathematics Finance 2

SSC 2008, Ottawa

  • Workshop on functional data analysis
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address: Vijay Nair (University of Michigan), Industrial Statistics: The Gap between Research and Practice
  • Invited Session: Predicting Modeling Applications in Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Invited Session: Statistical Process Control Methods in Health Care
  • Invited Session: Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments

SSC 2007, St. John’s

  • Workshop on R programming
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address
    Bovas Abraham (University of Waterloo), Statistics in Business and Industry: A Historical Perspective and Ideas for Implementation
  • Invited Session: Design and Analysis of Experiments for Complex Physical Systems
  • Invited Session: Reliability Models and Their Applications
  • Invited Session: Statistical Graphics and Image Analysis

SSC 2006, London

  • Workshop on design for six sigma
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address:Geoff Vining (Virginia Tech) "The challenges of statistical leadership "
  • Invited Session: Statistical Applications in Marketing.
  • Invited Session: Recent Advances in SPC and Data Driven Statistics.
  • Invited Session: Industrial Experimental Design.
  • Invited Session: This is a test to see if anyone reads this. If you read this, please email

SSC 2005, Saskatoon

  • Workshop on artificial intelligence
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address: Jerry Lawless (University of Waterloo) "Statistics and Technology"
  • Invited Session: Quality improvement
  • Invited Session: Design of Experiments.
  • Invited Session: Computer Network Modeling.

SSC 2004, Montréal

  • Workshop:Data Mining Tools for Business Applications
  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address: Daryl Pregibon (Google) "Graph Mining"
  • Invited session: Application of Statistical Methods to Actuarial Problems
  • Invited Session: Statistics and the Physical Sciences

SSC 2003, Halifax

SSC 2002, Hamilton

  • Workshop: "Design and analysis of computer experiments for engineering", Jerome Sacks and William J. Welch
  • BISS Special Invited Address: John MacGregor, McMaster University "The changing nature of data and its implications for applied statistics"

SSC 2001, Burnaby

  • Workshop on Data Mining
  • Special Invited Address: Bill Meeker (Iowa State University) "Accelerated Testing: A Method for Obtaining Reliability Information Quickly"