Biostatistics COVID-19 Case Study

In October 2020, the SSC biostatistics section launched a special COVID-19 student case study competition. The goal of the competition was to take any COVID-19 data publicly available and create an analytic tool or develop a model that can be useful for decision makers. A total of 20 teams submitted reports from 12 universities across Canada. Three winning teams have been selected and 7 additional reports were selected to be featured on the SSC web site. You can access all 10 reports below.


1st prize: (McGill)
Incorporating mobility data into COVID-19 forecasting

Dirk Douwes-Schultz and Mila Sun
Mentors: Alexandra Schmidt and Erica Moodie


2nd prize: (Wilfried Laurier University)
COVID-19 fake news detector

Youjia Zhang, Mohsen Bahremani, Rini Perencsik and Daniel Berezovski
Mentor: Sunny Wang


3rd prize (HEC Montréal)
Outils de classification sémantique en recherche documentaire

Gabriel Boulanger-Theberge, Simon Tye-Giguère
Mentor: Laurent Charlin

Other reports

Clustering and identification of SARS-CoV-2 mutations associated with clinical severity
Jingxue Feng, Jie Wang and Jiarui Zhang
Mentor: Liangliang Wang


Incubation and Quarantine Times: Is 14 Days the Right Quarantine Time?
Yasin Khadem Charvadeh, Yuan Bian and Yuan Du
Mentor: Wenqing He


Hybrid VAR-LSTM Networks Modeling and Forecasting COVID-19 Data in Canada
Elham Afzali, Zhiyong Jin, Woming Qiu and Adeola Adegoke
Mentor: Liqun Wang


Application and development of statistical and computational models for COVID-19 forecasting
Qian Liu, Daryl L.X. Fung, Leann Lac
Mentor: Pingzhao Hu


The role of population mobility and non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 infection: A Canadian case study of Granger-causal relationships
Thai-Son Tang, Lehang Zhong and Boxi Lin
Mentor: Olli Saarela


Causal Inference of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions in COVID-19: An International Study
Menelaos Konstantinidis, Rose Garrett, Kuan Liu and Larry Dong
Mentor: Eleanor Pullenayegum


Understanding the Relationship Between Mobility Data and COVID-19
Allen Bao, Saarthak Sangamnerkar, Nicholas Martin and Stephen Brock
Mentors: Nancy Reid and Samuel Perreault