2011 Annual Meeting in Wolfville

2011 Annual Meeting in Wolfville

Proceedings Papers

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Binder D. A. (2011) Causal Inference for Observational Data Obtained from a Complex Survey

Ledingham J. , Kurta J., Pursoo T. , Puddester L. Clark L. (2011) Children's Choices of where to Play on the Playground as a Function of Emotional State

Charlebois J. , Dubreuil G. (2011) Variance Estimation for the Redesigned Survey of Household Spending

Coleman K. , Provençal J.-S. (2011) A Comparison of Dependent and Independent Interviewing for Collecting Revised Data in the Fruit and Vegetable Survey

Demers G. (2011) Ever-Alive Units in the Unified Enterprise Survey: Is a Special Treatment Worth It?

Demnati A. (2011) On Calibrated Estimator for Two-Phase Sampling Design in the Presence of Nonresponse

Girard C. , Hamel M. , Marshall J. (2011) Environmental Statistics at Statistics Canada

Gouzi N. , Demnati A. (2011) Détermination de la taille de l'échantillon pour le programme intégré de la statistique des entreprises

Lavallée P. , Labelle-Blanchet S. (2011) Indirect Sampling Applied to Skewed Population

León C. A. (2011) Échantillonnage aléatoire contrôlé pour éviter les échantillons indésirables

Matthews S. , Kirkland T. (2011) Statistics Canada's Survey on Commercial and Institutional Energy Use: An Application of Indirect Sampling

Nambeu C. O. , Haziza D. , Chauvet G. (2011) Imputation pour des populations contenant beaucoup de zéros

Qian W. , Demnati A. (2011) Variance Estimation under Multiple Cycle Imputation

Wilder K. , Thomas S. (2011) Combining Data from Dependen Sources: A Case Study of the Labour Force Survey and the Canadian Community Health Survey