2010 Annual Meeting in Québec City

2010 Annual Meeting in Québec City

Proceedings Papers

Brennan, J., Lothian, J. and Pierre Daoust (2010) Integrating Quality Indicators in Complex Surveys

Claveau, J., Reedman, L. and Yang, X. (2010) Business Survey Data Collection Research at Statistics Canada

Diallo, M., Duval M.C. and Thomas, S. (2010) The Methodological Challenges of the Survey on Living with Chronic Diseases in Canada (SLCDC)

Hortop, E. (2010) Multidimensional Tabular Data Suppression in the Canadian Cancer Registry

Labelle-Blanchet, S., Girard, C. and Hamel, M. (2010) Methodological Issues of a Survey on Industrial Processes

Lapointe, F., Végiard, S. and Bourque, L. (2010) The Compendium of Recommended Survey Practices of the Institut de la statistique du Québec

Nadeau, C., Gossen, M. and Cauchon, C. (2010) An Evaluation of the Living in Canada Survey Pilot

Oyarzun, J. and Pelletier, É (2010) Redesign of Research and Development in the Canadian Industry Survey: Combining Tax and Survey Data

Rao, J.N.K., Verret, F. and Hidiriglou, M. (2010) A Weighted Estimating Equations Approach to Inference for Two-level Models from Survey Data

Savard, N., Rivest, L-P and Levallois, P. (2010) An investigation of the association between contextual variables and the risk of small for gestational age birth in Quebec

Ubartas, C. (2010) Evaluation of Telephone Interview Collection in First Nations Communities: 2009 Pilot Study

Valliant, R. (2010) Linear Regression Diagnostics for Survey Data

Verret F. and Kevins, C. (2010) Calibrating Complex Survey Weights to Adjust for Refusals to Record Linkage

Verret, F. and Giroux, S. (2010) Pooling Respondents’ Blood Serum for Analysis in the Canadian Health Measures Survey

Verret, F., Hidiroglou, M. and Rao, J.N.K. (2010) Small Area Estimation under Informative Sampling

Xu, C., Chen,J. and Mantel, H. (2010) Penalized Likelihood Methods for Variable Selection in Analysis of Survey Data

Yang, X. and Pelletier, C. (2010) Improving the Quality of Automated Coding at Statistics Canada