2008 Annual Meeting in Ottawa

2008 Annual Meeting in Ottawa

Special Presentation

Binder, D. (2008) Answers to criticisms of using design-based methods for inference

Proceedings Papers

Brion, P. (2008) The role of estimators in the production of statistics from administrative and survey data: The example of French structural enterprise statistics

Brisebois, F. and Pursey, S. (2008) Estimating Monthly Sales by Combining Survey Data with Administrative Data in the Monthly Survey of Food Services and Drinking Places

Christine, M. and Faivre, S. (2008) Selection, weighting and allocation in INSEE’s new household sample surveys

Daoust, P., Bohossian, N., Gauthier, S., Demers, G. and Nicholas, J. (2008) Quarterly Survey of Financial Statistics for Enterprises

Davis, K., Park, C. and Sinha, S. (2008) Constrained Inference in Generalized Linera and Mixed Models

Demnati, A. and Rao, J.N.K. (2008) Linearized Variance Estimation from Simulated Census Data

Deville, J.-C. (2008) Successive Calibration and Iterative Calibration

Dochitoiu, C. and Rubin-Bleuer, S. (2008) Small Area Estimation to Study the Impact of Globalization

Feng, C. and Sitter, R. (2008) Confidence Intervals for Proportions and Quantiles under Two-stage Sampling Designs: An Empirical Study

Hawala, S. (2008) Partially Synthetic Data via Expert Knowledge, Modeling, and Matching

Huckett, J. and Larsen, D. (2008) Combining Methods to Create Synthetic Microdata: Quantile Regression, Hot Deck, and Rank Swapping

Hutton, H. (2008) Dynamic Outlier Detection in Price Index Surveys

Oyarzun, J. and Laroche, R. (2008) Use of tax data: Experience with unincorporated businesses

Rais, S. (2008) Outlier Detection for the Consumer Price Index

Ruiz-Gazen, A., Goga, C. and Deville, J-C. (2008) Composite Estimation in a Two-Sample Context

Tabuchi, T. (2008) Using Paradata to Evaluate Collection Activities in the Youth In Transition Survey

Vasechko, O. and Grun-Réhomme, M. (2008) A new synthetic indicator for opinion surveys

Wu, K. and Chen, Z.-G. (2008) Benchmarking Comparison and Error Modelling

You, Y. (2008) Small Area Estimation Using Area Level Models with Model Checking and Applications

Zhou, Q. and You, Y. (2008) Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimation for the Canadian Community Health Survey