1999 SSC Annual Meeting

1999 Annual Meeting of the SSC in Regina

Estimation of Animal Abundance and Rates of Survival, Reproduction and Movement:
A Survey of Recent Developments with Case Studies

June 6, 1999
Regina, Saskatchewan


This workshop takes place the day before the SSC annual meeting begins, and is open to SSC members and those attending the SSC but is also open to those who just want to attend the one-day workshop.

The workshop is intended for a general audience of biologists and statisticians with an interest in state-of-the-art methods for the analysis of biological populations. In the last decade, statistical estimation methodology and computer software for population analysis has advanced dramatically. This workshop will present an overview of these advances and show how they have been applied to the study of actual biological populations, including their use for management of exploited populations, assessing the life history parameters of endangered species, and monitoring population dynamics, especially the spatial distribution and dynamics of migratory birds and fish.

The workshop will be lead by 3 leading contributors to the field of animal population estimation. Jim Nichols and Jim Hines from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Patuxent Environmental Science Center, Patuxent Maryland, and by Carl Schwarz of Simon Fraser University. You can find out more about the speakers from the Workshop website which can be accessed by a link from http://www.cs.umanitoba.ca/~popan (This is the home page of the Population Software Group who are helping with the administration of the Workshop).