About the BISS

The Business and Industrial Statistics Section was created at the 2000 annual meeting of the SSC, it has about 120 members. The overall objective of the section is to focus on the interests of members working in business and industrial areas. The section will therefore organize invited and contributed paper sessions at the SSC Annual Meetings as well as pre-conference short courses and workshops. The section also aims to promote the involvement of academic statisticians and students in the solution of practical problems in business and industry.

By becoming a member of the section, you help to promote business and industrial statistics within the SSC, which leads to more business and industrial oriented talks, workshops and other events. To join BISS, join the SSC and check the Business and Industrial Section box on the registration form.

The BISS organizes invited sessions at the annual SSC meeting. In 2016 we have 4 sessions planned:

  • Isobel Loutit Invited Address: Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "Realistic Optimal Designs in a Resource-Constrained World"
  • On Some Applications of James-Stein Shrinkage Estimation
  • Analysis of Big Data
  • Inference and Prediction from Distributed Data

The BISS will also offer a 1-day workshop at the SSC meeting, "Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization for Complex Models with Gaussian Processes" taught by Jason Loeppky of UBC.

For the first time in 2016, the BISS will sponsor a Student Research Presentation Award at the annual meeting. Prizes will be given to oral and poster presentations, recognizing the importance of the research to a substantive application in Business and/or Industrial Statistics.

The BISS has committed to provide funding for up to 2 scientific events per year, in addition to activities at the SSC meeting, at up to $1000 per event. Such events should be organized by a member of the BISS. Individuals interested in such support should contact the BISS executive.

2015-2016 Executive

President: Hugh Chipman (Acadia University), hugh.chipman@acadiau.ca

Past-President: Paul McNicholas (McMaster University), mcnicholas@math.mcmaster.ca

President-Elect: Francois Bellavance (HEC), francois.bellavance@hec.ca

Secretary: Jason Loeppky (University of British Columbia), jason.loeppky@ubc.ca

Treasurer: Melody Ghahramani (University of Winnipeg), m.ghahramani@uwinnipeg.ca

Past Officers:

President 2014 Paul McNicholas
President 2013 Tom Loughin
President 2012 Mu Zhu
President 2011 Boxin Tang
President 2010 William J. Welch
President 2009 Smiley Cheng
President 2008 Smiley Cheng
President 2007 Román Viveros-Aguilera
President 2006 Gemai Chen
President 2005 François Pageau
President 2004 Stefan Steiner
President 2003 Fernando Camacho
President 2002 John Brewster
President 2001 Bovas Abraham
President 2000 Bovas Abraham

Secretary 2010-2012 Mark Reesor
Secretary 2004-2009 Shirley Mills
Secretary 2000-2003 Román Viveros-Aguilera

Treasurer 2012-2014 Pritam Ranjan
Treasurer 2009-2011 Marc Fredette
Treasurer 2003-2008 Thierry Duchesne
Treasurer 2000-2002 Julie Zhou